Apple Excitement is in the Air

Introducing the Mac Mini

Apple has announced the new Mac Mini. I don?t know about you, but I?m pretty excited about it. An Apple computer for under $500.00, it?s almost unheard of right?
Well. not today it isn?t.

I think Apple has really targeted the PC/IPOD user who was thinking about trying a MAC, but just couldn?t fit it into their budget. Well now they can! Being a Macolyte now my-self, I look forward to products from Apple.

Apple has also Introduced the IPOD shuffle, which is a great way for a user who wants an IPOD but just didn?t want to spend the money. At $99.00, it?s a steal of a deal. I think my wife wants one now!

Then there?s the ILife 05 suite, IMove doing HD oh my!
MACWORLD 2005 has proven Apple, once again, to be the true innovator of excellent products.

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