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Steve Jobs outlines Apple’s Green Policy

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has published the company’s manifesto regarding its environmental policy. “Apple has been criticized by some environmental organizations for not being a leader in removing toxic chemicals from its new products, and for not aggressively or properly recycling its old products, writes Jobs.”Upon investigating Apple’s current practices and progress towards these goals, […]


Panic: “So, we code web sites by hand. And one day, it hit us: our web workflow was wonky. We’d have our text editor open, with Transmit open to save files to the server. We’d be previewing in Safari, running queries in Terminal, using a CSS editor, and reading references on the web. ‘This could […]

MacZOT (Good or Bad)

Since everyone last week was posting about [tag]MacZOT[/tag] and why not to market your software there or undersell yourself, I thought it was my time to chime in. I find MacZOT incredible, I have bought some cool software there ([tag]appzapper[/tag] & [tag]phpstudio[/tag]) the best thing was I got them both in a 5 buck bundle. […]

Ruby on Rails

Recently I have learned that Ruby on Rails is the real deal! I have found myself looking at alternative frameworks, (PHPonTrax, CakePHP, and Django) while these all appear to be nice frameworks, Ruby is the one that seems to be pushing out and leading the way.Im an recovering asp developer (laugh if you will) broadening […]