Babe Ruth is dead and gone, get over it!

Red Sox are headed to the world series

Ok, Ok, the curse is gone! Now its time for all you Red Sox fans to rally up and get excited! This is baseball history! No Team, and I repeat, No Team has ever rallied back from a 0-3 deficit and win the ALCS. Well, this year is the year it has happened.

The key point of the game for my family was when the Yankees pulled Kevin Brown from the pitching spot and Johnny Damon came up to bat. I told my kids that this guy hasn?t done anything all post season long.

Guess what? He shuts me up in front of my kids, by cracking a grand slam, and then a few innings later a home run! Oh, you know his head is swelling.

I can?t express the amount of joy I felt seeing A-rod and Derrick Jetter?s face while they were down 6 to 1 multiple times. Oh the Joy!

Enough of my ramblings, I can?t wait for the World Series to start. Keep up the good work guys, you deserve it! I have never seen a team play as well as the Boston Red Sox did tonight!

Congratulations to David Ortiz for getting the MVP