MacZOT (Good or Bad)

Since everyone last week was posting about [tag]MacZOT[/tag] and why not to market your software there or undersell yourself, I thought it was my time to chime in.

I find MacZOT incredible, I have bought some cool software there ([tag]appzapper[/tag] & [tag]phpstudio[/tag]) the best thing was I got them both in a 5 buck bundle.

After reviewing appzapper I immediately went to the appzapper site and my entire family has purchase appzapper licenses, thus benefiting the [tag]developer[/tag].

Being a developer myself, and if I was developing cool mac software I would definitely be on MacZOT, probably as a mystery Zot though.

All in all I find that MacZOT is an excellent resource, and being a developer and mobile developer with multiple laptops, I can assure the developers listing there products on MacZOT that I support you.

Wittmann Web Weaving Says: MacZOT = Good